For almost 5 days of training, I already learned a lot of things. Honestly, during my first day, I was really really nervous, I don’t have any idea on how training will be done. I was actually hesistant to come and do the training thing  coz’ I am expecting it to be sooo though….But ofcourse, my fighting spirit was there, and my motivation as well, and so, here I am……

My first day was really great, I’m really expecting that our trainor will be so strict and be so boring. But, I was wrong, coz’ its sir Jonas!!…He’s strict,yes….but not really….and the thing is that he’s not boring at all..He really makes sure that we learn and at the same time we enjoy… He is very accommodating and he really motivates us that we should be at our best always and not be intimidated  and discouraged if we made a mistake. I feel blessed that we have him as our trainor coz’ he really makes hard things for us to be an easy one….

I am not really that confident  speaking in English language, but the good thing is that, everyday I am learning and gaining more confidence not only from my trainor but as well as with my colleagues… The English only policy really do helped me a lot to train myself and got use speaking in English…I also really find group activities exciting and a challenging one. Aside from the fact that we became friends, we also share some ideas and get to learn from each other.

This training really helping me out to boost my self-esteem and I really do hope to learn more in the coming days…




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